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The Future of Dentures: They May Be Real Teeth

Before becoming U.S. President, George Washington, back in 1781, asked his doctor for “a pair of pincers to fasten the wire of [his] teeth.” He had false teeth then made from the teeth of the cow and hippopotamus ivory. He had a set of metal springs fastened to his mouth to keep the dentures in place.

Since then, these removable appliances have become more convenient, thanks to science. When you need dentures in Markham Ontario, we have a variety of options, from conventional to non-conventional.

Technological advancements, though, are paving the way for even greater options.  Instead of artificial teeth as replacement, you could see a future with real human teeth.

Dentures of the Future

New research may offer something far more advanced in teeth replacement. Future dentures may be lab-grown, authentic human teeth grown in laboratory dishes.

The University of Texas Health Science Center’s dental school managed to grow at least parts of a real tooth. After dissecting tissues from extracted wisdom teeth, the school’s associate dean Mary MacDougall and her students added additional genes to the tissue cells.

These cells make up the outer shell (enamel) and inner shell (dentin) of a tooth so the cells will keep replicating in culture. Soon enough, the researchers were growing human tooth parts in culture after nurturing the cells in moist conditions. They then created little factories that made natural enamel and dentin in a dish.

Laboratory tests are still ongoing to make sure that the procedure becomes safe for everyone. The University’s team still wants to try all probable outcomes. But that development could take about a decade into the future.

Another potential solution to teeth replacement is regrowing teeth in the mouth by activating cells. This innovation is even further into the future.

Teeth Replacement Now

In the meantime, your teeth replacement option lies with getting dentures that fit right. You may feel awkward at first, and you may experience a bit of soreness. It takes time, but you’ll eventually feel as though they are your natural teeth.

The quickest way for your dentist to fine-tune the fit of your dentures would be for you to wear them 24 hours a day. As soon as the initial period is over, you may start to remove your dentures at night.

It’s critical for you to take care of your dentures. You need to brush them and clean them to remove food particles. You need to care for them as you look after your real teeth. This way, you can prevent staining, as well as plaque buildup.

If you’re not wearing your dentures, store them in a safe place. You can keep them covered in water to prevent warping.

Restoring Smiles

You can regain your perfect smile with our dentures. These removable appliances can replace missing teeth and the surrounding tissues. We consider several factors like the number of your teeth in your mouth, the quality of the adjacent teeth, bone density, and others in recommending a suitable solution.

Here are the types of dentures we offer:

  • Conventional dentures — complete denture and partial denture
  • Immediate dentures
  • Overdentures

We also have different tooth replacement options such as implants and dental bridges.

Contact us today for more information.

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Markham Dental Smiles
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