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4630 Hwy 7 #2 Unionville ON L3R 1M5 (905) 477-6453

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Unionville, ON
(905) 477-6453

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Category: Dental Health

8 Easy Tips To Clean Your Dentures

Miniature figures symbolizing a cleaning team cleaning dentures

Dentures can help you eat your favourite foods, speak clearly, and regain your smile. While dentures are artificial, they need the same cleaning and maintenance as natural teeth. Taking care of your dentures can prevent future damage and help them last. If you’re looking for denture cleaning tips, you’ve come to the right place. Continue […]

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Is Fluoride Treatment Safe?

Between its addition to most kinds of toothpaste and the drinking water in many communities in Ontario, you’ve likely heard about fluoride. You may have even had a fluoride treatment as part of a dental exam and cleaning. But what exactly is fluoride? What is a fluoride treatment, and why do we use it? And, […]

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What is an Avulsed Tooth?

Dentist with a mouth mirror and probe checking a child's teeth at a dental clinic

If you’ve seen your fair share of sporting events, you may have seen an avulsed tooth before, a common dental emergency. An avulsed tooth is a time-sensitive emergency, so getting to your dentist as soon as possible is important to prevent any permanent damage. If you experience an avulsed tooth, what is it, and what […]

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Markham Dental Smiles
4630 Hwy 7 #2
Unionville, ON, L3R 1M5

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