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Unionville, ON
(905) 477-6453

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Category: Invisalign

How to Clean Invisalign

A person holding a clear dental aligner in a sink to clean it with a tooth brush and running water.

Invisalign offers a clear path to a straighter smile, but keeping those aligners clean is important for maintaining their effectiveness—and their subtle aesthetics.  Maintaining a sparkling grin with Invisalign doesn’t involve complex routines or harsh chemicals. It can be as simple as brushing them twice a day and soaking them once a day. Keeping your […]

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Does Invisalign Fix Overbite?

A young woman smiling and holding a clear aligner in her left hand

When you have crooked teeth, a gap, or any cosmetic concerns where your teeth don’t suit your desired appearance? You can try Invisalign. With this revolutionary approach to modern orthodontics, your dentist can help correct all kinds of dental issues. But does Invisalign fix an overbite? Invisalign can be an excellent approach to treating mild-to-moderate […]

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Markham Dental Smiles
4630 Hwy 7 #2
Unionville, ON, L3R 1M5

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