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5 Places To Take Your Kids In Markham This Summer

Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Markham is home to 328,966 people (2016 census). It ranks as the 18th largest city in Canada and continues to grow in stature with each passing year.

For locals and tourists, the prominent topic is “Where can we take our children in Markham during the summer?” and that question will be answered in this reading. To enjoy the beauty of GTA’s summer between May and September, it’s important to visit all the right places in this vibrant setting.

Here are the five places to take your kids in Markham this summer.

1) Milne Dam Conservation Park (8251 McCowan Rd.)

This 305-acre park is nestled along the Rouge River and is one of the most scenic locations in Markham. For children, this is an incredible conservation park to visit as they gain a chance to appreciate nature’s beauty. The park offers a plethora of gorgeous picnic spots, trails, and fishing spots for families to soak in.

The park is open between 8AM-9PM during the summer months and is filled with families who visit from various parts of the GTA. It’s a fantastic location to add to your summer itinerary moving forward.

Milne Dam Conservation Park provides a robust spot for walkers, joggers, and cyclists too.

2) Reesor’s Farm Market (10825 Ninth Line)

They call it a “farm in the city” and that’s a perfect spot to take your children in Markham. With a vigorous collection of fruits and vegetables, Reesor’s Farm Market is filled with “pick your own” opportunities. Go through the produce and have the time of your life as a family.

It is a robust farm that welcomes families during spring/summer months. They provide a unique farm shop with the finest strawberries in Ontario.

Families can enjoy:

  • Suitable Field-Side Parking
  • Free Admission
  • Straw Under The Berries For Your Comfort
  • Hand Washing Facilities By The Field

This is an action-packed location and will lead to a fun-filled day spent on the farm in Markham.

3) Toogood Pond Park (216 Main Street)

The view of the pond is magnificent. It’s one of those sights people from all around the GTA come for.  With tourists spending time in Toogood Pond Park, it’s clear the shimmering beauty of this location is hard to resist.

The park is more than a mere pond. It’s filled with illustrious greenery, clean spaces, awe-inspiring picnic spots, and extensive play areas for children. This is the right place to come for a day out in Markham.  In fact, if you are thinking about putting together a big gathering, this park might be a wonderful option to choose as your venue.

4) Markham Museum (9350 Markham Road)

Museums are filled with deep-rooted artifacts and years of historical stories. The Markham Museum is no different as it’s situated in the heart of the city and remains a delightful institution for families to visit. The GTA has had a robust history many children remain unaware of, and this provides a first-rate gateway into the beauty of Markham.

It’s a 25-acre open-air museum offering an in-depth glance into the lives of pioneers who set up shop in Markham. Various public and private events are held in the facilities providing families with the opportunity to visit and take a look around. It’s a great way to enjoy history and make it a bonding experience with your children.

5) Flato Markham Theatre (171 Town Centre Boulevard)

With an immersive live program geared towards children, Flato Markham Theatre is an exciting and entertaining outlet for families to consider. It’s a dynamic setting with a unique look into the world of live arts. Some of the brightest names in the GTA visit this location on a monthly basis to work on their craft.

The live programs are a delight and take place throughout the summer.

Go through the list of programs and pick out the one that suits your family. It can be an experience of a lifetime as the theater holds 500+ for each show.  It is a state-of-the-art facility that has grown in stature over the years for its quality.

Markham is often underappreciated due to its neighbors and their attractions, but it shouldn’t be. The city is vast in size and has some of the most beautiful family-friendly attractions on offer. It’s time to take advantage as a local or tourist because there’s nothing better than enjoying the beauty of Markham.


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