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How Long Do Veneers Last?

A sparkling, bright smile is a wonderful thing. But our teeth are not invincible, and they sometimes aren’t perfect. They can have chips, gaps, stains, and other types of damage, which can all affect your smile. Fortunately, there’s an answer in the form of veneers—but how long do veneers last?

Veneers usually last between 10-15 years. However, your habits play a big part in their durability. It helps to brush your teeth, floss, and avoid damaging them. This way, you can increase the odds of your veneers lasting longer, keeping your smile bright, white, and straight!

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are ultra-thin slices of material designed to cover the front surface of teeth. Often made from a porcelain or composite resin material, veneers act as a sort of shield for the front of your teeth. They are designed to help improve:

  • The shape of your teeth
  • The colour of your teeth
  • The overall appearance of your smile

And all the while, they’re protecting your teeth from further damage. Veneers are custom-made to match your teeth, giving you an excellent fit and natural look. When installed properly, they are virtually undetectable, making them an excellent choice for people looking to fix a problem with their smile.

Who Should Get Veneers?

Veneers are a versatile option that can address several common dental problems. If you have one of the following dental issues, you may benefit from veneers:

  • Chipped or broken teeth
  • Stained or discolored teeth that do not respond to whitening
  • Irregularly shaped or misaligned teeth
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Worn enamel due to age, acid reflux, or other factors

They can be incredible solutions to many cosmetic dental concerns. However, it’s important to note that veneers are not a structural solution and can’t solve problems like gum disease, tooth decay, or severe damage to a tooth. If you have any form of severe damage or infection, veneers are not the solution. Instead, speak with your dentist to discuss alternative options.

How Are Veneers Installed?

If you are considering trying veneers, learning more about the process is important. It all begins with a consultation, preferably with a dentist with cosmetic experience. They will examine your teeth and discuss your goals and expectations to help determine if veneers are the right option for you.

If your dentist believes veneers are right for you, then you will need to schedule 2 appointments with your dentist.

Initial Appointment

During your first appointment, your dentist will take pictures and impressions of your teeth. They’ll also capture the precise shade of your teeth so your future veneers will match their natural colour.

Then, a small amount of enamel will be carefully removed from the surface of your teeth. This is done to prevent the future veneers from occupying too much space in your mouth or feeling unnatural.

A temporary veneer will then be installed to protect your teeth while you wait for the future permanent pair to be created. You’ll then go home until your next appointment. If at any point you’re wearing the temporary veneers and you feel discomfort or disapproval, reach out to your dentist so adjustments can be made for the permanent set.

Final Fitting & Bonding

Once your veneers are ready, you will return for the final fitting and bonding. Your dentist will check the fit and colour before permanently cementing the veneers to your teeth using a special adhesive. Any necessary trimming or adjustments will be made at this time.

Once the permanent pair is fully bonded, your dentist will polish the veneers and make sure there are no problems, and then you’ll be sent home with your new smile.

Are Veneers Permanent?

So, how long does this “permanent” pair of veneers last? Are they on forever, or is there more to it?

While they are extremely long-lasting and usually durable enough to last 10 years or more, veneers technically aren’t permanent. They are not indestructible, and there may be a point when they need to be replaced or repaired.

A few different factors can affect their lifespan:

  • The material of the veneers
  • Your dental hygiene
  • Tobacco consumption
  • Your lifestyle habits

However, there is good news: you can return to your dentist at any point for repairs and replacement. If you notice any chips, cracks, or staining to your veneers, book an appointment with your dentist to discuss a solution.

Tips for Making Your Veneers Last Longer

When it comes to your veneers, it helps to treat them just like your natural teeth. There are a few steps you can take to maximize their lifespan:

  • Brush your teeth 2 times a day for 2 minutes at a time with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Floss and use mouthwash at least once a day
  • Watch your diet, and try to avoid staining foods like coffee, red wine, or berries (or brush your teeth after consumption)
  • Never use your teeth as tools

It can also help to wear a mouthguard if you grind your teeth or work in an environment where your teeth could be damaged.

A woman in a dentist's office smiling and shaking hands with her dentist while a dental assistant is working in the background.

Are Veneers Right for You?

If you have gaps, chips, or stains on your teeth, contact our team at Markham Dental Smiles. We can perform a consultation to determine whether or not veneers could be the answer you’re looking for. Book an appointment with our team, and let’s work together to give you a brighter smile.

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