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Teaching Your Children How To Brush And Floss Their Teeth

The best time to learn about the benefits of good dental hygiene is early in one’s life. It helps build a foundation of good habits that become well ingrained.  This is why it’s important to teach your children how to brush and floss their teeth. If not, they will fail to build a positive dental…

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Six Mistakes You Make While Brushing Your Teeth

Do you feel like you have the perfect brushing routine? Most people do, but the reality is your routine lacks in quality. Dentists state the average person makes several mistakes while brushing their teeth due to laziness or a lack of knowledge. With time, these mistakes become well ingrained to the point they’re hard to…

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5 Places To Take Your Kids In Markham This Summer

Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Markham is home to 328,966 people (2016 census). It ranks as the 18th largest city in Canada and continues to grow in stature with each passing year. For locals and tourists, the prominent topic is “Where can we take our children in Markham during the summer?” and that question…

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Best Tools For Teeth Cleaning?

Advancements in dental technology have given rise to new products for oral hygiene. It’s become important to understand what each option has to offer and which product is best for your needs. This read will provide in-depth insight on electric toothbrushes, water flossers, manual toothbrushes, and floss. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of each…

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4 Tips For A Healthy Smile Today

Would you like to have sparkling white teeth year-round? Without the right investment of time, effort, and consistency, it’s difficult to retain a great, bright smile. Most people struggle, and it has to do with the development of bad habits and an unwillingness to change. This read will highlight what one should consider for those…

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4 Effective Ways To Reduce Your Bleeding Gums

A study completed on periodontal disease stated 47% of all Americans have this condition. What is periodontal disease? Periodontal disease is a condition where the gums become inflamed or infected causing bleeding, soreness, and discoloration. Before beginning, ask yourself whether you’re a part of the 47% mentioned above. If yes, it’s a troubling reality, and…

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