An unlikely event like an accident or trauma can be a frightening situation for you and your family. If you have an urgent dental problem, please feel free to contact us. We will address emergency dental situations immediately. We will also guide you on the phone so that you can take the necessary steps while you reach our clinic.

Here is a list of common dental problems that require immediate attention and care:


Dental trauma is likely to occur in a traffic collision, fall, contact sports, etc.. You may have:

  • Broken tooth
  • Avulsed tooth
  • Bruises and lacerations
  • Jaw fractures
  • Fractures of other facial bones
  • Swelling of mouth and surrounding area
  • Difficulty in mouth opening
  • Severe pain

Any of the above mentioned dental situation is serious. You should not ignore it and visit your nearest dental clinic or medical hospital immediately.

Knocked-out or avulsed tooth

You can take the following steps if a part or entire tooth has come out.

  • Put the tooth in milk, coconut water or even the patient’s own saliva to store the tooth until you reach our dental clinic. Never touch the tooth on the root. Handle the tooth by its crown only.
  • You can clean surrounding soft-tissue injuries with a disinfectant and place a gauze with antiseptic ointment on it.

– Depending on your clinical situation, your dentist may insert the avulsed tooth back into the socket.

Lost dental crown

The bond between your dental crown and tooth surface may become weak, and it may come out. In most cases, it requires nothing more than re-cementation of the dental crown. However, in some cases, a crown may dislodge due to severe caries, in which case a simple restoration will not be enough.

If you have aspirated or accidentally ingested a dental crown, it requires immediate medical attention. If it is ingested, it will be expelled out from the body through the excretory system. However, if the crown gets into the respiratory tract and reaches the lungs, it can result in life-threatening situations.

Broken braces and loose orthodontic wires

During an orthodontic treatment, one or more braces may break, and metal wire may become loose. Sometimes the open ends of the wire may cause soft-tissue injuries in the mouth. You can take these steps at home before you reach our dental clinic.

  • You can try putting the orthodontic wire back in its position.
  • Apply orthodontic wax on the open ends of the wires and the broken braces. It can give temporary relief from the problem.

Swelling (intraoral as well as extraoral)

A dental abscess is the collection of pus and other necrotic materials near the tooth root. You may develop swelling in the gums and soft tissue (Intraoral) or a large swelling on the face (extraoral). It is a critical situation that requires immediate medical attention. If proper treatment is not done at the right time, a dental abscess can spread to other tissues of the face and neck.  Infections may cause difficulty breathing or may travel to the brain or bloodstream.

Oral cancers can also manifest as an intraoral or extraoral swelling. It is important that such dental diseases are diagnosed at the right time.


If you have pain in your tooth or gums, it is important that you see your dentist. Pain is the natural mechanism of the human body that indicates pathology. You may have dental decay, gum infection, or other oral diseases. It is important to diagnose and treat dental diseases at an early stage.

Oral bleeding

Minor oral bleeding may occur during various dental procedures like scaling, fillings and tooth extraction. The bleeding associated with dental treatments is not usually severe and does not result in complications. However, if you have certain systemic diseases or take certain medications, you may notice profound and continuous bleeding. If you are concerned about bleeding after a dental procedure please call our office.

Fractured or dislodged dental restoration

You should make an appointment for a filling if you notice cracks in your dental filling or if your filling has dislodged. Secondary decay may occur in the tooth, and it may need root canal treatment at a later stage when it goes untreated.

Whatever the dental emergency may be, we are always here to help you.

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